One Credit Clears

This is a list of games I have cleared in one credit. I don't expect it to be impressive; on the contrary, I so rarely achieve this goal that it feels worth tracking the handful of times I have. Games qualifying for one-credit clears are those 1.) with a credit system; 2.) without a save/password system OR 3.) intended to be cleared in a single sitting (<2 hours). If these criteria are overly inclusive, it is only because it is easier to prune a list than to recreate it.
  1. 1CC completed
    1. Maximo: Ghosts to Glory (four kisses)
    2. Gate of Thunder (Normal)
    3. Kirby's Dreamland (lol)
    4. Super C (3-loop)
    5. Contra III: The Alien Wars (Normal)
    6. Mega Turrican (Hard)
    7. Star Parodier (Normal)
    8. Space Harrier II (Normal)
    9. Soldier Blade (Normal) (1843800)
    10. Pulseman (Pulseman)
  2. Close calls (along with the sticking point)
    1. Gley Lancer (final boss)
    2. Cho Aniki (final boss)
    3. Sin & Punishment (3-2)
    4. Gunstar Heroes (boss rush)
    5. Ranger X (lasers)
    6. Life Force (stage 6 speed part)
  3. Games I might have 1CC'd but don't remember because it was too long ago
    1. Blaster Master
    2. Ristar
    3. Shinobi III
    4. Cybernator
    5. Sonic the Hedgehog 2
    6. Bonk 3
    7. Wild Guns (skeptical)

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