Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Commune Podcast: Counterfeit Monkey

at 7:30 PM
So Greg L. invited me to join his communal podcast group where he pretends to be a professor directing biweekly seminars on selected games. His focus is on collecting focused multi-perspective evidence-based responses to individual gaming experiences. I think it's a great effort and it's a great way to get me to play X game and have a structured discussion about it.

Listen to the podcast at The Commune: http://vgthought.com/commune/podcast/19
or download it directly here: http://www.vgthought.com/communecast/communecast_ep19.mp3

In this session we discuss Counterfeit Monkey, a 2012 text-based adventure by Emily Short about the nation of Anglophone Atlantis, where technology like letter-removers and depluralizing cannons have ensured that swordplay has been replaced with wordplay. We walk through some of the puzzles in the introductory segment of the game (if you're afraid of spoilers, be sure to play the first chapter before listening) and discuss how it introduces its tools and logic. The podcast stars Greg L. (Golem), Myself (Yourself), and regulars Fox and Wariofan.

This is followed by a segment about Sugoi Hebereke, a Super Famicom (SNES) party fighter spun off from Ufouria. I don't know anything about the Hebereke segment because I didn't participate in it nor have I yet listened to it. I'm sure it includes Greg L., Shouty, Fox, Wariofan and Zanreo.

Find more podcasts (sadly not including me!) in The Commune's archives, including some discussing Demon's Crest, Live A Live, Parodius, and more.

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