Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome home from the holy day

at 8:56 AM
Everyone back and at 'em? Sucks, yeah. Sometimes I wish I could quit work and make a living somehow converting sleep into currency in a manner sufficient to sustain my lifestyle. Alas, alack, life exists to suck, so we're back in the office for the moment. Mindless people need mindless drone to justify their existence, so the rest of us have to suffer through it too.

The bad news about all this is that I'm going to need to be on blogcation for a few more days. Need to get back into the swing of work, get through a big move at home, that kind of thing. I've had all of about twenty minutes to game since last Saturday. You'll be the first to know when I catch up.

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  1. Boy it's real fucking stupid that I wrote this and then took all of eight hours to resume my normal posting habits. So much for a few more days of blogcation. Still, I've been struggling to find time for Kid Icarus: Uprising and Cotton 2, which I can't write about until I do.