Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Songs of Snow

at 3:25 PM
It's snowing here in East Coast today so I thought in tribute to the original Rain Song post we did for Hurricane Sandy, I'd do a post with some songs about some snow. Then I couldn't think of any good snow songs because when it snows I just listen to:

Anyway then I remembered the BEST song from a snowy stage, a delightful track from an overall wondrous soundtrack with the thumpingest bassline I've ever heard on the SNES:

So admittedly that probably doesn't get you in much of a mood for snowy relaxing times. Here is one that is a little moodier, a little more touching, for when the sun goes down over those icy glacial cliffs (that appear every time it snows like three inches in the city):

I'm sure as you listen to this next one you'll almost be able to feel the bitter wind gusting against your face as you attempt to push on through a blizzard... of robots.

And one for Ezio here, from certainly the coolest region of Metroid Prime, the most atmospheric region, almost certainly the best part of the game. 

Next time it snows, someone remind me to do this again and do a not-sucky version. This was like fucking worst picks ever. Don't know why I'm blanking, I think either I don't like snow songs very much (the ones I sorta remembered like Freezeflame Galaxy and Flanoir from Tales of Symphonia weren't all that great) or that the tracks that play during snow regions aren't always all that suited for actually snowy days ("Battle on Snow Mountain" from Odin Sphere, "Pitch Black Intrusion" from Dawn of Sorrow).

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  1. Missed this one from the best Zelda game ever made: