Sunday, August 4, 2013

One bell chimes today for the Anniversary of Blog

at 10:55 PM
Technically the GNG Holy Video Game Batman! Blog of Time was born around 7/25/12 (it would take less time to look that up than it would to write this sentence but I don't care) but since that's so close to my IRL birthday (today!) we may as well call them the same. Here's a little song dedicated to my first and only son or daughter.

I know this sounds kinda like I'm wishing myself a happy birthday but I swear it's not that. Wait a minute, more importantly: if this blog is my son or daughter, does that mean I had sex with co-bloggers Ezio, Greg L, and Andrew M? We'll just say yes and let them sort out the details. I doubt their defamation lawyer is better than mine.


  1. its more like all 4 of us gang banged a wireless router.

    1. I doubt the wireless router's defamation lawyer is better than mine