Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Weird Google searches that lead here, answered

at 5:30 PM
A pretty reliable source for a quick laugh is Blogger's list of top Search Keywords that have led to this blog. We aren't exactly highly indexed by Google, so some really weird stuff gets through, along with a few very specific keyword combinations. Some persistent hits over the ages have come from:

"is lawrence of arabia on netflix"
Nope, but I have it on DVD if you want to drop by for a watch.

"la-mulana original"

"video game movies on netflix"
I can see why that leads here, though I have no thoughts on the subject.

"best trpg" or "best srpg"
That makes sense, I did a classic little top ten.

And, naturally:
"brother sister sex incest"
I assume this came up because of the Sister Sonic post, but who, in their search for incest porn, is clicking on that link? It's not like Google doesn't give the page title and an excerpt.

Last week we had some real winners among the regulars:
"mario's ugly"
What kind of asshole searches for that? Give the poor guy a break. Of course, the ugliest Mario is Baby.

"blob fish"
Sigh, I just can't even begin to guess how that led here. The post about Space Manbow?

And, drum-roll please, perhaps the best anonymous Google search I've ever seen:
"what does jumped the sharpedo mean"
I guess it just means this:

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