Friday, July 27, 2012

Vanquish Revisited Pt 1 - Van Quiche

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What the hell is this screenshot? He's like shooting a wall or something...
Decided to revisit Vanquish since it's been a year or so. Max Payne 3 got me in the mood for shooters, and High Moon's next Transformers game is still a month off. To be clear, when I talk shooters I mean 3rd-person, primarily console games, stuff like Metal Arms, Space Marine, War for Cybertron, or MDK2. Vanquish is the best to come out in the last generation, probably ever. It's the curse of Platinum Games.

Originally I had played through the game on normal. I didn't explore much of the extra-campaign content - mostly I was just disappointed by how little there had been. I'm more than happy with a six-hour single-player mode because it almost always makes for a well-paced game, but in a game this fucking fun, it also means I'm going to be replaying it a lot. Vanquish gives you so many equipment choices in the main game, so much different shit to experiment with and max out, that it's really a shame to see the lack of a new game+. Maybe they were being lazy or maybe they wanted the game to test your patience no matter how many times you played through. On the other hand, it de-emphasizes the upgrading side of the gameplay - being reminded that when the final chapter closes all your work is forgotten keeps the player focused on improving HIMSELF, the only factor that will be around in the next round.

The first thing I was welcomed with on my new God-Hard playthrough was a reminder that cutscenes are unskippable. Hooray. Gotta hide those load-times somehow. Least I'm used to it from Max Payne 3. Sometimes I wonder if the biggest evolution modern games could possibly experience would be the elimination of load times. At least Nintendo got one thing right by sticking with cartridges and weak hardware for so long. Still, it's wishful thinking in 2012 - I'd be less surprised if we saw load-cutscenes replaced by advertisements from corporate sponsors. Speaking of, we'll be right back after this short commercial break:

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