Saturday, July 28, 2012

Vanquish Revisited Pt 2 - Wow holy shit God Hard takes out weapon upgrading altogether

at 1:46 PM
HAHAHA religious comedy! Wait, was that a boner joke?
Wow, holy shit, God Hard gets rid of the weapon upgrades. I forgot that what made me reluctant to replay this game, besides the aforementioned cutscene bullshit, is that the harder difficulties are so unforgiving. Playing in Normal again feels like admitting defeat, but Hard resets all your upgrades every time you die and God Hard eliminates them altogether. For those that haven't played the game: weapons are getting stronger all the time as you use them, while likewise more powerful enemies are being introduced. So being reset/not being able to power up is nearly as bad as being forced to play Skyrim stuck at Level 1.

I'm gonna stick with it though - if anything because at this point I've sat through that damn ten-minute opening cinematic and can't stand to see any more minutes ticked off my life's clock.

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