Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I challenge you to Chrono Trigger.

at 12:12 PM
It's kind of annoying when you're already ahead of the blog game with features and then one of your buddies makes a thoughtful, discussion-engendering post, and then you have, of all things, a good idea. I'm all "slow down, content train!" That's what I said to my computer, by using something called an "inside voice". It's inside your brain.

So convince me to play Chrono Trigger. I know there aren't a lot of readers out there, but anyone who wants to comment, or you in particular, fellow bloggers, tell me why I need to play Chrono Trigger. I played six or so hours of the game as a youth and was awfully unimpressed by the scripted battles and dorky story, but I'm more open-minded now. I can go back - they were always coming back.

Ugh. When Mark of the Mole comes up on your iPod's album shuffle, your stomach just has to turn.

Now that my mood has been so unceremoniously replaced with gloom, I've almost lost the enthusiasm. No, let's get to it. If Chrono Trigger is indeed one of the greatest games of all time, there must be a reason to play it. There has to be something I could take away from playing it. So tell me what that is and maybe I'll judge it as worth a shot.


  1. Its got good music, I like Akira Toriyama's art, and I love almost anything time travel related, etc. It should be a game I adore, but I do not. The game felt flat and uninspired to me and it had a hard time keeping my attention.

    The story is boring and the characters range from 0-1 dimensional. The battle system is not as interactive as it pretends to be and you can't customize your characters, making combat a monotonous chore. Even the "charm" of the game feels forced and does not cover up the bad parts of the game. I fought a T-Rex/Wizard boss battle on a giant bridge and was bored by it. I wouldn't have believed it possible until playing through Chrono Trigger.

    Do not play it, you hate JRPGs and this overrated one will not change your mind.

  2. You can't ask a game made 20 years ago to surprise you. When this game came out it was impressive. It did a ton of new things in its genre. I think the story is exciting and different. This game is one of my all time favorites and I enjoy playing it through constantly. The music is incredible. The battle system is not complex but that makes it easily playable. I found that if you're willing to spend a few hours to get into the story it opens up and rewards you heavily. As someone who dislikes jrpgs and quasi-turn based battles systems, this game has its strengths in its visuals, music, and story. Appreciate it for what it is, a twenty year old classic.

  3. If it's still on your mind, I think you have to play it, even if for the satisfaction of learning that there's nothing in it. At the very least, it's a cathartic game with an easy to use battle system, pretty cool tunes, and a story that's fun in a I-watched-Dragon-Ball-Z-when-I-was-12 sense. Just keep an open mind and try not to take anything for granite.