Monday, November 5, 2012

MMM: Man I haven't done Movie Mreviews in a while

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Apologies all around. Then again it probably isn't such a terrible thing that this video game blog is populated with discussion of video games. Heaven fro bid.

I should do a ketchup of the movies I mentioned last time we did this feature, way back in September, but I don't feel like it because those aren't so actual in my brain. As fan-service, and because of OCD, let me just get them out of the way.

Jack's Back - When James Spader plays twins, everyone wins
Dead Snow - Soulless and lame
Night of the Comet - Hey that's Chakotay!
Not of this Earth - Dated and boring
Barbarella - Don't get the point but LOL @ weird

Here are some newer ones. Every one of these movies belongs to the category of "movies that I've seen". At the moment they seem to all fall into horror as well, I guess because I've been feeling spooky. 

Cabin in the Woods - Could you possibly fit in any more Evil Dead references? Clearly Joss Whedon took this line to heart. This movie is littered with genre-references, plenty of which are kept broad enough so everyone feels like they're on board. My only problem with it is that there's not enough comedy. The main character stable, though it's obviously supposed to be playing on stereotypes, is still weak. The heroic-y guy is beyond annoying and the leading lady bland. Clever concept (murder as an IT profession), great effects (sooooo much blood), but it falls just short of classic because there aren't any memorable characters. A must watch.

Session 9 - Now this was an interesting film. It's presented like horror, but quickly bares itself as more of a drama/mystery. Fear and paranoia is drawn on by real-world interpersonal conflicts and heightened by the setting in an insane asylum. The truth of the narrative gradually comes into focus as the playback of archival recordings approaches the tape labeled Session 9. A brutal emotional breakdown steeped in atmosphere. Watch if you're looking for something thinky rather than visceral.

The Masque of the Red Death - A bit of a curiosity, as this was my first introduction to both Roger Corman and Vincent Price, icons of B-movie horror. I don't know if it's the Corman-budget or the date on the box, but this movie feels archaic, belonging to an age still reminiscent of stage production. The plot, based on a Poe short story, is as predictable as one would expect. It's unfortunate, because the setup has much higher potential than the relatively tame payoff. There's not enough depth to the characters because a bunch of time is wasted on a stupid subplot taken from, I believe, an entirely separate Poe tale. Also, it's weird that you're not supposed to think of the Red Death as tuberculosis. Skip it. There's nothing to see that your daily Shakespeare troupe can't convey.

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