Tuesday, December 18, 2012

If you had all day to play video games....

at 2:27 PM
What would you play?  

This question isn't rhetorical.  I now have much more time on my hands than during the semester trudge.  Ezio and I are both graduating.  One of us has a job lined up.  One of us has enough money in the bank to support themselves for quite some time.  One of us isn't moving back home.  One of us is graduating with a double major.  One of us is more handsome.

Now while you sleuthers (?) are puzzling away at that little riddle-and-a-half, let's get back to the matter at hand.  What am I going to do with all this time?

Well I'm going to do a lot of hiking/camping.  But all that means is a lot of car trips with the ol' 3DS and a copy of Paper Mario Super Sticker Man, or whatever.  But my question is what other 3DS/DS games?  Because jesus I have not touched that system in months.  I ask this question knowing that no one play 3DS, so I do not have high hopes.  How about hidden DS gems though?  
Have I written a blog yet that didn't have some old dude's portrait in it?

And I'm going to try and put a dent in the reading list.  But, books?  Really?  What is this, 17th century Paris?  Who do I look like?  Jean Racine?  Moliere?  God I hope not.  My considerable (they can be considered) talents in the field of history have led some of my professors to encourage graduate school in the field (Ezio hasn't faced similar pressure for some reason), but I'm not going to sit around book-learnin'.  So there's Assassin's Creed games, to teach me everything there is to know about, like, all sorts of historical things, right?  Right!?  Honestly, I did spend way too much time in AC2 reading building histories.  Played that game the way it was meant to be played.

I am also going to watch a lot of Netflix.  Heck maybe I'll even peruse Yourself's MMM column for some tips!  Also I found this list which looks fairly solid.  But one can only stare at a TV screen for around 48 hours, tops, before one goes absolutely, incurably, utterly insane and starts gnawing at things in the living room.  And that's why we can't have nice things, Netflix!  So when the aching hunger sets in, the kind that leaves one feeling like nothing but fake leather upholstery will sate it, I will need to first take a deep breath, then a second, then plug in the PS3.  So what came out for that system again?

I need help here.  It's not like reviews are a good indication of quality.  Fellow bloggers, and *readers,* let me know if there is one must play game out there to fill my waking hours.


  1. DS kind of a lame system to throw all your focus at. Not that it's bad, just like, bleargh handhelds. Anyway, you knew I'd be the first reply. SO, like always uh I'm just gonna post it, scroll up some.

  2. Wait, I assume you mean just on your 3DS, right? So I shouldn't bother with GBA games?

  3. Holy motherFUCKER I just looked at that list of movies and it is awful. I can't imagine being anything but bored to tears trying to watch this list of tedious Oscar-baiting pretentious self-serious garbage. I can give you a much better list of 50 movies on Instant Queue that won't make you swear off film for eternity. Wait a minute... I'm getting a post idea....

    P.S. Yes The Graduate is one of my favorite films ever so if you haven't seen that, definitely do - it's hilarious and brilliant

  4. Just play Rocket Slime over and over again. I mean, like, why do game companies even make other games?

  5. By the way I didn't just mean 3ds games. In fact I specifically mention ps3 as well.

  6. http://gnggames.blogspot.com/2012/12/15-games-that-everyone-should-have.html