Sunday, December 2, 2012

Week in Preview: What's to come in the next five days

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So I'm trying out a new idea here. I kinda want a better way to work this into the page as like a sidebar or something, and the same on my Facebook, but for now it'll just be a post every Sunday.

I've been keeping to five posts a week pretty successfully for a few weeks now, I've got loads of drafts waiting in the wings, and I'm kinda getting ahead of myself on the ideas front. On top of that, I've evidenced that I'm not great at following up on features or multi-part articles: remember Will Smith? Back in the CCCR? XCOM Blogdiers? The other bloggers?
I imagine your visage is currently graced with a similar demeanor
It's not exactly a solution to the problem, but I'm going to start scheduling posts. Every Sunday night I'm going to put up a "Week in Preview" which will tell you what to expect for the upcoming week. It serves me to keep myself on track, and it serves you as a reminder when to check back. I'll also put links in this post as the posts go up, so you can bookmark this if you want.

So make sure you stop by every Sunday!

This week, we've got: the conclusion of some features, an album review, and more movies!
Monday: Top Ten SRPGs: View from the Summit (ended up being Tuesday)
Tuesday: Punch Out that Red Steel Final: Zeno Clash
Wednesday: Workin' Them Clockwork Angels: Rush' new album, reviewed
Thursday: Grab bag (maybe Topicality: Part Three of game's fantasy politics)
Friday: Mini Movie Mreviews: Yep, still all horror

And that's not necessarily all inclusive, so keep your eyes peeled for surprised treaty birds!

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