Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cool article about Space Ghost

at 9:45 PM
In these dire times of not being able to finish a post today, I thought I'd at least share a link to something else interesting to read. 

I'm a big fan of the underappreciated genius of Space Ghost Ghost to Ghost. While it's routinely brushed off as "stoner comedy" (like Aqua Teen Hunger Force) or random for random's sake (can you say Sealab?), the fact is that it's far more adventurous and layered than just about any other "adult" animated show to date, each episode going to great lengths to drive home a unique experience. Home Movies and Venture Bros. are the only Adult Swim shows that belong in the same tier of originality, and while I'm not going to go judging the animation world at large, let's just say that Space Ghost rules from a throne miles above the reach of mainstream primetime shows like Archer, Simpsons, and Family Guy

Anyway, any fan'll definitely appreciate this article from 2001 by some dude who was picked up to help write the "Baffler Meal" episode (that's the one that introduces the Aqua Teens). Anyone who was watching TV in the '90s might also appreciate the surprisingly dated perspective (lamenting the unavailability of media is so... history). 

And if you've never watched Coast to Coast, well, go take care of that. Try starting with "Girl Hair", "Kentucky Nightmare", or "Knifin' Around".

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