Friday, October 18, 2013

More comedy search hits

at 5:34 PM
Here, culled from Bloggers traffic statistics, are a few more of the top weirdest search subjects leading to this site. Here are some older ones, too.

Sometimes it's important to know who else is talking about "yyyyyo".

"history of the mushroom kingdom"
It makes me really happy that I could educate someone.

"cin├ęplat (tiger)"
While this is obviously the work of a non-English-speaker, I like the idea that in French, a cinematic platformer is the same concept as a tiger.

"ganbare goemon anachronistic"
Yes. Yes it is.

"kybernator game 240x320"
I can see how this led here, but perhaps the searcher may have been looking for the below moose-themed cell phone (?) run-and-gun. By the way, that linked Cybernator post is embarrassingly awful. I hope to God I was on drugs when I wrote that.

The Batman subcategory:

"batman with starpower"
They actually meant "batman has starpower"

"batman brownie recipe"
So are those brownies made from Batman, made by Batman, or shaped like Batman?
if my three sons looked liked that, I'd be having kitchen fun too...
"fuck injustice batman"
Angriest search ever? I was pissed at Injustice too, but how is this search supposed to accomplish anything? Maybe it's just Rule 34 at play.

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