Saturday, October 12, 2013

Great deal FYI: Free Witcher

at 9:07 PM
Here is an advertisement. Now how do I get the money? Does it just show up in the mail or...? Anyway I was just gonna email this to Greg L but figured why not put it here. It wasn't supposed to sound so salesman-y but that's the magical excitement of good deals. Whoops I did it again.

Through 10/17, if you buy ANYTHING on, you get The Witcher for free. I'm sure they've got some $5-10 games I've meant to play so I'll be jumping on the offer. For instance, I might go with Wizardry 6 & 7 for $6. So that's $6 for all three games. Ultima VII is just $2.39, as is the pack of both Ultimas Underworld. This is why I stay away from GOG; every time I look at it I want to buy everything. Arcanum is $6 and I still haven't even watched a video of that, despite it being considered one of the greatest WRPGs of all time. Man and they've even got Gothic II! I've been wanting a good way to play that for ages.

See that's how they getcha. Guess I better reign it in and stick with Ultima VII/Witcher for now, I've read there's a 30% chance of developing brain cancer from playing a Wizardry game.

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