Monday, September 17, 2012

Revisiting Animal Crossing - Turniping a problem into a journey

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Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon. These games go together like oreos and chocolate chip cookies. Like Americans and Canadians, or Americans and Oreos. Throw a cookie off the top of a mountain and I bet you'll have quite the tale to tell. I haven't done that, but I did play some Animal Crossing last night, and lemme tell ya if I can't tell ya a little tale about that.

"Animal Crossing" is a general notion. Maybe I should already take back something I said. Harvest Moon. Don't super want to talk about that right now. That's a simulation game and then we have to get into sim games, and I have to talk about SimCity and Sims and explain to you how someone thought an SNES controller was adaptable to the life of an ant. It wasn't, and many ants were killed to bring you this information. The main difference for the today is that when you turn off Animal Crossing, the clock ticks on, whereas Harvest Moon will wait patiently for you to come back.
Animal Crossing isn't a sim then. It really isn't a sim. What the goddamn hell would it be simulating? Buying robot furniture from tiger people? The sim distinction is vague at best; let's suffice to say that if you don't start feeling like a certified airline pilot, you aren't playing a simulator. No, Animal Crossing just has that weirdly addictive quality that kicks off the OCD in everyone's brains so you can feel the satisfaction of work while accomplishing nothing.

Animal Crossing is best described as an RPG without the P. Whoa checkkk this out doooods. The MPAA rates movies R, PG, or G. (or PG-13 but who fucking cares pretend this blog was blogged in 1981). RPG are the exact same letters in RPG, the common abbreviation for role-playing game. Looks like you're ready to learn something!
This is an Animal Crossing too, but a kind that should die
Well too bad! Because I'm pretty sure all I had to say was that girls like Animal Crossing and find its childlike appeal appealing. And that's so beyond an obvious point that I took six paragraphs to get there. Yeah. It's not like a condescending thing at all, it's like, I guarantee if you're bored and sitting on the couch and like "I want you to be able to play a video game", Animal Crossing will be a delight for girls and boys. It's also a good navigator seat game, where everyone in front of the TV gets the same experience.

Wow that was dull. Have a dull post for a dull Monday! I might try to remember something good that happened for my next post. Greg and I played some more Mega Man 7. Inconclusive as ever. Not sure I can justify wasting any more of my life on that game. 

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  1. "Girls like this game" aka this is the only game I could get my girlfriend to play with me willingly. It's because I'm a LADY and I don't like gross horror and gore and killing things.

    That's, uh, that's not true at all. I'm just difficult.