Monday, February 18, 2013

This week and next: Scheduling for recovery

at 1:27 PM
Do you realize how much it sucks to have tonsils? It's great if you enjoy such activities as:
-Having a three-day sore throat every month
-Not being able to breathe properly when sleeping
-And I guess that's it, I thought I had more to complain about.

Seriously though, you underestimate how unfun sleep apnea is. It's like every night, you get the joy of going to sleep knowing that you're about to waste six to eight hours on an activity that will make you absolutely no less tired. I've always just assumed that everyone feels awful waking up. Even on days when I can sleep in until my body wakes me naturally, I still don't manage to get any rest. I'm not saying it doesn't feel good to lie in bed, but it seems like my life would be maybe a million times happier if I was able to spend even 1% of the day feeling well-rested and awake.

There's a reason that around age 20 I just said fuck it all and started skipping nights of sleep. And guess what? Other than one or two nadir-hours, I was rarely any tireder than I am now. Just weirder, probably. I think in retrospect I probably got a pretty high ratio of confused looks during that portion of my life, but also, I didn't care. I still don't really, but for reasons of life circumstances I now have to observe some kind of 'normal' schedule. You'd think, based on how heavily people sell it, that getting eight hours of sleep every night would be a revelation. Instead it just feels like a huge waste of time.

I'm rolling the dice and hoping that a tonsillectomy will knock out my slapnea and introduce me to a new era of sleepability, but even if it doesn't, at least I get two weeks off work. Two bed-ridden weeks of probable misery.

What that means to you, the reader!, is that I'm gonna schedule two weeks of posts so we don't have another dead period like when I had mono (which - coincidentally! - I got because of my bad tonsils). Mostly so I can get rid of some old drafts and catch the blog up to my ideas. I'll schedule the posts to go up at noon, and hopefully get around to posting them on Facebook daily. Look forward to:
Our schedule for the next two weeks.
Or this.
Week 1
-The Thing You Just Read (See Above)
-Greg L.'s 3est Protagonists
-A Canonical History of Mario Canon
-The Funday Times: A True Facts Newspaper
-Treatise on the Power of Positivity: An Andrew M Production

Week 2
-A Theatrical Tribute to Super Ghouls'n Ghosts
-Ezio's 3est Protagonists
-Hulk Smash: Games with Smashables
-The Funday Times Issue 2: More Facts
-Star Fox Command, or How Not To Ruin a Legend

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