Friday, August 3, 2012

Video Game Industry, see Will Smith

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Howdy y'all and welcome. I'm from Florida. HAHA j/k Floridians don't know how to operate a computer or acquire a job to gain means to purchase one. I was "pulling your chain" so to speak. I did that to teach you what a metaphor is. Now that I've ostracized exactly .000324%* of the world's population, let's get down to business. Will Smith. You know him from his music career. The world's most famous rapper. Will Smith invented rap, and you'll do yourself a service by purchasing all of his albums and collectible memorabilia. Now that you're decked out with your Men in Black themed hula-hoop (TM?), we can talk about... hold on here seriously I lost my train of thought... what was this post about... something with the Fresh Prince.

You know that sense of pride you get from knowing about some band "before they made it"? That "I was there from day one" dedication? It's kinda like that. You see, back in the 1990s (I didn't even know they made those) there was a point where no one knew who Will Smith was. He wasn't famous. Can you believe it? I can. Then from outer space came a spaceship and crashed into the earth, and the only decipherable remains were the script for a sitcom, with casting directions. That very same spaceship, on that very same Will Smith's birthday, was what became what you know as the set for the original Fresh Prince of Bel Air. And that show ran for six seasons and was probably the greatest television comedy family show ever made. Not a single person on this Earth can say they don't like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I'm saying that right now. I'm blogging that. And that makes it fact.
...became this...
You know what's crazy? I just found out that his full name is NOT William Smith. It's Willard Smith! All these years of my life I've been calling him William, to find out now that his name is Willard?! UNFATHOMABLE!

...became... is that him in the background?
Lordy day I've already written all that garbage and I'm not even to my thesis. Well it's only a kinda thesis, because this is a blog, not Go Fuck Yourself 101. Sorry mom, sorry college. Old Will was in his prime in the early '90s, entertaining the world and teaching them lessons. But Fresh Prince also told a story about a kid from bad circumstances who finds his calling as.... I don't remember. But it was a good story. You probably remember the wacky good times of the show, but it covered some serious themes. Carlton bought a gun, remember that episode. And Uncle Phil running for office against the Jeffersons. The '90s was when American culture collapsed on itself and the drone generation was born, there were riots in the streets and wars in the Middle East. If it seems like I'm getting philosophical, you'll have to come back later to find out why................................................ or is it???????????????

*made up

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