Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Will Smith Pt 2 is in the works

at 7:24 PM
I've "heard tell" on the "gravine" that my Will Smith post from the other day is really fucking cryptic and incomprehensible. I'm aware of that and I promise part 2 is on the way. The first half of it is already sitting in my Drafts. Just take your pants in, and you'll be in for a true revelation of meaningfulness and life-changing experience.

While you wait, go listen to one of the greatest albums of all time. And if you don't own it already, go buy it or [legally] download it somewhere. Unless you're an idiot. In which case, please enjoy going back to being an idiot. I'm sure it's something you find quite fulfilling.

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  1. I thought Will Smith Part Two was completed years ago and given some fake name like Jaden.