Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekly LPGA - Introducing Let's Play Games, Aiiiiiiight?; revisited

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Sorry for the slow weekend, been busy. Plus, blogs aren't really very important. Anyway, it's time for what will be one of the regularest of our regular features, and that's the Let's Play! That's right, Greg and I have been doing LPs for probably a year now, and they are really, really, really fucking awful. I mean if you think the blog posts get a little schizophrenic and moronic, boy are you in for a treat with these. You can check out to see our archive. I may occasionally get lazy and pull out one of these "classics" to feature here, but mostly I'll be posting new ones.

FYI, I've always thought the Let's Play was an utterly retarded idea. The only time I can imagine someone wanting to watch a game rather than play one is if they need some help from a walkthrough or want to check out a preview to decide whether they should play something. Why anyone would want to watch a game from beginning to end, let alone with commentary instead of the regular soundtrack, completely escapes me. Nonetheless, because Greg and I so often find ourselves on the couch playing an old game and "cracking wise", we decided that we may as well hit the record button and boot up Audacity. If anything, our friends seem to get a kick out of it. 

Note - big note here if you're someone with any experience watching LPs and whatnot. We very rarely finish the games we play. I think we've finished one, ever, in like twenty-plus videos. So if you want to see the ending... I really don't care. And while I'm in this "note" paragraph, let me also mention that I (yourself) am the one that does the majority of the talking in the vids. Other Greg is the one wearing glasses.

The first LP I'll feature here on the blog is actually a series we're calling the Batrospective. We're delving back in time to bring you some of the classic 8- and 16-bit Batman games in celebration of America's current Dark Knight Fever. 

Batrospective Part 1 - Batman NES
Batrospective Part 2 - Batman NES, cont.
Batrospective Part 3 - Batman Returns SMS

Come back later in the week for more Bats, including like eighteen more Batman Returns games and The Adventures of Batman and Robin. Hm, you know, I just now remembered this blog is kinda Batman-themed. Because of the name? Well, don't worry, that's not going to go on forever. It's just a... coincidence. A very bad coincidence.

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