Monday, October 29, 2012

A few more rainy game songs from the editor

at 12:20 PM
From the ever lovely Baten Kaitos soundtracks:

Snow is just rain that's been kept in the freezer too long

Another JRPGA (this song has a stormy feel to me although it's from a nighttime scene exploring the slums of a city:

Let's not forget the King of All Storms:

Weird brother of prime rib:

A personal favorite, which plays as the tears of a young cloud-boy rain down from the sky after he learns he is, in fact, not a tadpole:

And here's a link from a friend in case you want to stick with the classic:

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  1. I was totally trying to justify putting my favorite video game song in years, the Gaur Plains theme from Xenoblade, on my list because it sometimes rains there in the game. It totally is an overworld theme, and not a rainy song, but much like Yourself's inclusion of a snow song, should be listened to anyway.