Thursday, October 25, 2012

So how long do you wager until game consoles have forced commercials?

at 3:13 PM
Microsoft is no longer disguising their yearly dashboard updates as feature-enhancers. This week's "upgrade"'s only apparent purpose seems to have been to add MORE advertisements to each screen (and to remove the Zune branding, like anyone cares). You thought the old interface was nearly 100% commercials - now they've shrunken the menu tiles for all console functionality in order to squeeze in three-five more ads per page.
Which is from a comedy sci-fi movie about the gradual stupidization of society, and which is from America's most popular video game console of 2012?
Hurray (how the fuck is "hurray" not a word, spell-check?). Better yet, MS has used this opportunity to make it much harder to play games on your console without connecting to Xbox "Ad Revenue Service" Live. Previously I advocated changing your profile settings not to automatically sign in, so the ad tiles would be blank and you could connect only to game/shop. This no longer works - when you turn on your console, it forces you to sign into an account, and even if you sign back out, the ads are cached and remain on your dash.

So enjoy the transformation of your console into a billboard. It's your fault for clicking on the ads and being signed in all the time. Hope you like it. I'll be modding mine to remove the bullshit, and won't be buying Microsoft again.

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