Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hell Yeah!.... right.

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Welcome back to Uninspired Games That Want Desperately to Be the Next Indie Darling, where recently we featured Dust: A Furry's Tale and today we'll touch on another game starring a kind of anthropotato protagonist. I say "kind of" because it's a rabbit-human-skeleton. My personal gratitude goes out to Arkedo Studios for featuring that noblest of creatues, the skeleton, but why fuck it up by giving him rabbit ears? Rabbits are disgusting and foul beasts that neither pay taxes nor contribute to modern society in any meaningful way. Dust is a good point of comparison for this game - as embarrassingly as that one failed to be grandiose, Hell Yeah! fails equally to be comic. Cringe away!

This game is so far beyond edgy that clearly, identifying with the avatar was not on the minds of the developers. Instead they set out to prove they could make a game with no rules attached that broke all of your mother's rules, by taking the exact plot and characters from Disgaea and then calling them "not the exact plot and characters from Disgaea". Dis-G being a tac RPG with a rabid cult following, you'd probably guess it had your average saving the world JRPG androgyny plot that moron Final Tales fans eat up, but it was actually a highly silly game about a stupid and insecure prince of Hell who had explosive penguin servants. Hell Yeah! is a game about a stupid and insecure prince of Hell - with rabbit ears - who has an octopus servant.
Weird - Laharl actually does have bunny ears and they both wear the same red scarf...?
But Hell, it doesn't really matter that it's a complete ripoff because it ain't even remotely funny, and I highly doubt there'll be much debate over that. Or maybe there will be - some people love regurgitated meme humor as thoroughly as others love amnesiac buster swords. Lord knows that if someone laughed at Explosion Man, they'll laugh at anything. Just know that if you find yourself in stitches over the dialogue in Hell Yeah!, then you are a complete idiot. Allow me to halt the hate-boat for a minute and give the game credit for one thing though - the over-the-top fatality micro-game/animations are actually a kick and it's cool that each of the 100 is unique (or I assume so, having played only the demo). They'll remind you of Happy Tree Friends, if you're into that sort of thing (you fucking psychopath).

I don't like to feature games just to pick on them, although I do, so uh, sorry? But I just played this demo and had to comment that it made me a touch sad, yet somehow has gotten more press and reviews (by tenfold) than La-Mulana.

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