Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Witcher 2 referencing BioShock?

at 9:58 PM

In Chapter 2, I ran into an NPC quest-giver with an Irish accent who sounded awfully familiar. I swear it's BioShock's Atlas, or at least someone doing an impression. Atlas is performed by Karl Hanover, who according to IMDB has never done another voice role. Of course, the NPC in the Witcher is too insignificant to be credited, and Atlas himself wasn't even credited in the original BioShock, so it's kinda hard to prove. Plus Atlas' voice always has that radio effect so even the sound bytes are hard to compare.

Anyway, that alone doesn't exactly constitute a reference - it's that he gives you a quest called Little Sisters (the Little Sisters are a major plot element of the BioShock games). How could that possibly be a coincidence?

Just raised my eyebrow. That kind of subtle acknowledgment is usually reserved for universal classics (e.g. Mario, Final Fantasy) or in-company properties (try to find a Namco game that doesn't reference Pac-Man). Since there is no developer/publisher/staff link between The Witcher 2 and BioShock, it seems to imply the former case, which would suggest BioShock is being canonized.

Or, much more likely, that some bored voice actor was having himself a little joke when he saw the name of the quest he had to read.

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