Thursday, October 4, 2012

Does Microsoft have something against Xbox Live Arcade?

at 12:07 AM
Huh, guess XBLA games don't come out on Wednesday anymore? They were moved to Friday? That must be new as of last week or something because DDN definitely was on a Wednesday. Anyway, means I have to wait another two days for NiGHTS. 

I really hate that; I always used to have something to look forward to early in the week thanks to VC Mondays and XBLA Wednesdays. Now they're respectively Thursday and Friday, which does nothing for me, because I have plenty else to do and look forward to on the weekend. Honestly seems like a real bad sales move - there've gotta be less people sitting at home playing Xbox on Friday night then Wednesday, right? But they must have some sort of data to back it up.

Their advertisement also seems to have gotten worse - which only bothers me because it seems like it's become a much less friendly place for small releases. First of all, back before the interface overhaul (when commercials were added to the menus), the first image you saw for Game Marketplace was whatever arcade game had come out this week. Now the new releases page is four clicks deep and at higher levels all you can see is whichever MS game they've been featuring for the last eight months (anyone else tired of seeing fucking Wreckateer? they shouldn't even be advertising Kinect games to me when I don't have one). 

Bitching complete. Just sat down tonight expecting to play NiGHTS and was pissed it wasn't there.

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