Tuesday, October 9, 2012

XCOM = Sw33t (updated to say FUCK YOU MICROSOFT)

at 11:45 PM
Not a real post here, just felt like saying the XCOM: Enemy Unknown demo felt awesome, surprisingly cinematic for a turn-based strategy, surprisingly visceral for a turn-based strategy, and like it preserved just about everything that made the original game so deep and replayable while maintaining a modern level of accessibility. Only choice left is whether I should buy it for 360 or PC - my laptop can only stomach the lowest graphics settings and the framerate hiccups when the explosions really go down, but I'm really going to miss mouse control. Using a console pad to point to locations on a grid is plain tedious; there's a reason you don't see anyone using an N64 controller to make their monthly audit report in MS Excel.

I want to go play the old game but feel like now I've been spoiled by high-def head explosions.
Ah, figuring out these old pictorial interfaces is always such a blast.
Edit: ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME MICROSOFT?! I actually did start a new game and then fucking Windows decides it's time to restart without warning (updates!) while I'm in the middle of a fucking fullscreened battle. Who the hell decided it was an acceptable practice to interrupt all processes and shutdown just for a stupid OS update? Pester me all you want with notifications, but don't take over my goddamn machine. How has no one ever lost money because of this and then turned it into a lawsuit against MS?

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