Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy 100 posts to you!

at 5:21 PM
Hey y'all, check it out, 100 live posts! We've had our highs, our lows, our sick days and our deaths in the family (we miss you Jumbles), but here we are, going strong. Thanks to Andrew and Ezio for being our most loyal contributors, semi-thanks to Greg Livingston for giving it his best, and sarcastic thanks to Kyle Reese for making about two posts and never coming back! I'd thank the readers, but they don't exist. Alright. That's more than enough thank yous for one day. Try working in an office and having to deal with everyone ending every conversation, phone call, and email with "thank you", even if it's IN RESPONSE TO "thank you". It isn't polite, it just makes you sound like you aren't listening. Or like you're a member of a cult worshiping female sheep. And that's why we've made 100 posts on this blog, as a protest of sheep and all sheep-supporting products. So be sure to remember that, and remember too our dearly departed friend.
RIP Jumbles <3


  1. It is a sad day when I am considered a loyal blogger with my abysmal output. Almost as sad a day as when that motorcycle/sheep gang gunned down Jumbles during his mid-afternoon chocolate bath.

    1. A.) Don't worry, Andrew is still way more appreciated than you

      B.) Yes, I *am* trying to guilt you into posting more

  2. Don't worry I'm about to post a review of uncharted 3 in what might become a regular thing: andrew reviews games 1-3 years old that are now affordable/his little brother got for Christmas a while ago.