Friday, October 19, 2012

Stupidest lyrics on Ziggy Stardust, straight up

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Five Years - "Drinking milkshakes cold and long" - The Longest Milkshake

Soul Love - "All I have is my love of loves, and love is not loving" - A better rhyme hasn't been written since Gang of Four rhymed "bikini" with "bikini" with "h-bomb" (yes I did steal that joke)

Moonage Daydream - "I'm an alley gator!" Whole song is dumb but it's the classic

Starman - "Let all the children boogie" - As comical as is the word "jive", "boogie" somehow beats it (and "jive" gets its time in the sun later...)

It Ain't Easy - "Hoochie coochie" - don't even know

Lady Stardust - "Boys stood upon their chairs / to make their point of view" - no, this isn't how we express this idea in English

Star - Song is kinda forgettable, huh

Stuck on this - it's weird how many
times he was photoed with a shake
Hang on to Yourself - "We move like tigers on vaseline" - I can't imagine a tiger on vaseline being very graceful... is that what he's saying? (also note that this is the song where the Spiders? aspect comes up)

Ziggy Stardust - Your pick - "Jamming good with Weird and Gilly" brings a smile to my face, but I think I lol every time I hear "jiving us that we were voodoo" (I think cuz it sounds like even Ziggy is a little confused about what it means)

Suffragette City - "Awwwwwwwwwwwww... SUFFRA-JYATT!" - never understood how this fits into the album

Rock n' Roll Suicide - Actually this song has great lyrics

David ponders which shake was the longest... write in with your answer!


You know a funnier blogger would've done "Stupidest ten Ziggy [...] as photoshops". I'm nearly crying at the missed opportunity that is "Suffragette City". Though I don't much know how to visualize "jiving". 

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