Monday, October 29, 2012

Songs of Storms

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I have decided not to believe that Hurricane Sandy exists. This might seem odd considering that I live on the East Coast and all the rainy, blustery signs point to it existing, but it just seems too convenient for Big Weather to have all of these storms that are "severe," "dangerous," and "Franken." Big Weather wants you to check the surprisingly spyware and malware filled so it can continue to finance its nefarious get you to check the weather. Thus, I have not checked the weather, and therefore I have no reason to believe the storm exists, giving me no reason to check the weather. My logic is so strong it proves my point twice! 

We could spend many hours arguing whether the storm going on outside is or is not happening, but instead, let us listen to some of my favorite video game songs they are tenuously connected to storms. I do not know anything about music, but I figure the pun in my name gives me some measure of authority.

1. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion- Wings of Kynareth

This song plays when it starts to rain in Cyrodiil. The rolling and swelling string section imitates the swirling winds during a storm and is complemented by the bouncing flute, bells, and harp(?) which create the sensation of falling rain drops. Or something. I don't know; who do I look like, John Phillip Sousa? Just appreciate how serene it is, you harpies. My favorite comment on this video has to be, "I actually literally fell in love with this game. I had the same feelings for when I played it, that I have had with my girlfriends. When I was at work, I missed it all the time and all I could think of was to come home and play it. I wish I could marry a game." He does not sound insane at all!

If only.
2. Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia- Wandering the Crystal Blue
This song plays when Shanoa visits Somnus Reef, a two-tiered water level. The bottom of the stage is the ocean floor, complete with giant starfishes and the stage's boss, Rusalka (who is presumably the namesake of Ann Romney's horse). The top of the stage consists of a bunch of floating detrius and ships in a storm. There is a fine line between underwater and rainy music, because to some extent water is water and there is only so much composers can do create a watery atmosphere. Its pretty neat how the stage reflects how this song straddles that line.

3. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess- Midna's Lament
This song plays when things appear to be at their darkest for our hero; Zant, the King of Twilight, mortally wounds Link's pal, Midna, and turns Link back into a wolf (again). Link carries a dying Midna on his back while he frantically rushes through the rain to find Zelda. The repeated descending notes of the piano express both the desperation of the situation as well as the interminable falling of the rain. The song exemplifies the pathetic fallacy of rain as inherently sad and is pretty good to listen to, besides. Shockingly, my hatred for the Zelda franchise did not exclude this song from my list like it did for the much more obvious Song of Storms. The series has stagnated more than the water on the floor of my college apartment bathroom and people continue to buy it. Way to voice your opinions through your purchasing power, sheeple. 

Here are some other songs that I was too lazy to do write ups on: 
Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past- Time of the Falling Rain
Animal Crossing- Rainy Day
F-Zero GX- Lightning
Final Fantasy X- Thunder Plains
Mega Man 4- Toad Man's Stage (Rainy Sewers)
Add your own favorites in the comments! Not that anyone comments! Or reads this blog!



  2. Chrono Cross - Drowned Valley
    Chrono Trigger - Underground Sewer

  3. Sonic - the song that plays when you drown


    2. I hyperventilate and start freaking out whenever I hear that song. Insert PTSD joke here.